Interface Regression Testing with int4 IFTT


It is often difficult to assess what impact will a change have on a working solution. This is even a bigger challenge with interfaces. Since they usually involve more than one party (e.g. source system, mediator, target system) a change in any of these components might have negative impact on the overall result. Hence the need to perform regression tests every time a change is introduced to the solution. There are at least two good reasons why shouldn’t we rely on manual testing in the long run:


  • manual execution of regression tests can cost time, assets, and does not guarantee 100% accuracy.
  • the tight production schedule might not allow for running an entire suite of manual regression tests.



The answer to those needs is called int4 Interface Testing Tool.

int4 IFTT is a regression testing software:


  • dedicated for SAP application interfaces
  • providing a unique approach for end-to-end interface testing (full SAP landscape covered)
  • proven to integrate with SAP solutions


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IFTT’s key features

With int4 Interface Testing Tool the interface regression tests can be:


  • Automated– resending a test case and its verification is done automatically
  • Complex yet simple – test robust business scenarios consisting of several test cases that reference each other with one click
  • End-to-end(in SAP environment) – check full SAP landscape of an interface, including SAP PI/PO and SAP backend system interface layer
  • User-friendly– quickly create test cases by referring to existing SAP documents
  • Results oriented– compare the final results of the interface (e.g. posted accounting documents or created Logistics documents) instead of only checking the contents of the message


int4 Interface Testing Tool is an ABAP Add-On certified as Powered by SAP NetWeaver and has also certified integration with SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition.

SAP Certified Integration with SAP S/4HANA
SAP Certified Powered by SAP Netweaver


How it works

Initial customizing needs to be done for each interface that will undergo regression tests. Once configured, the process of creating and running test cases is simple and quick.



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