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SAP AIF Interface Monitor

Set up interface in SAP AIF Interface Monitor ( /aif/ifmon )

Did you know that you can monitor all your AIF interfaces from one single place? Learn how to do it in 3 simple steps!

Enable monitoring IDoc interfaces in SAP AIF video thumbnail

Enable monitoring of IDoc interfaces in SAP AIF in less than 3 minutes

Watch short video and learn how you can enable monitoring IDoc interfaces in less than 3 minutes!

Content Preview of SAP AIF Multi Index table in SE16n

SAP AIF multi index table with single index tables

SAP AIF multi index tables combined with single-index tables

Single Index table in SAP AIF

How to create a single index table in SAP AIF?

Speed up your monitoring process by using single index table in SAP AIF!


int4 IFTT is an Automated Testing Software dedicated for SAP application interfaces. It supports multiple SAP integration technologies like SAP PI/PO, SAP Cloud Platform Integration (HCI), AIF, IDOC, Proxy etc.
Our principle is to build adaptive, flexible and configurable integration solutions focusing on business processes not solely technology
Connect with us your applications to SAP using SAP Process Orchestration or SAP HANA Cloud Integration. Configure SAP AIF and IDOC/ALE or Enterprise Services in the SAP backend.
SAP application development in ABAP and Fiori. Transformations of your current programs to S/4 HANA. ABAP performance tunning.

Team members

To support unique One Face for One Interface approach our staff eficiently join business and technicall skills. Most of us are functional experts, certified by SAP in Logistics, CRM or Finances. We are SAP Press book authors and Michal Krawczyk is an SAP Mentor.


Int4 works for world leaders. Our clients & partners are fastly growing and modern institutions. Therefore we have opportunity to work on excellent state-of-the-art projects. Thanks to that we are continuously learning and expanding our skills.

We share our experience and actively publish books about SAP.

Work with us

Senior SAP Integration Consultant

Are you ready for the next challenge? Int4 offers an amazing opportunity to work with world known experts in SAP integration. We can help you become a new SAP integration expert too.


Junior SAP Integration Consultant

Why not start with the most experienced SAP integration team in the world? If you’re a student with 1-2 years of programming experience in any of modern languages this might something you were looking for.



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