Are you ready for 2020 SAP PO migration? 

SAP PO 7.5 – migration project  

Due to the end of support for Process Orchestration (SAP PO) versions < 7.5 at the end of 2020 most of the customers will have to migrate to SAP PO 7.5. The migration project is purely technical and depending on the complexity of the original landscape it may or may not require a lot of effort. 

What are the three things which may slow down the migration process?

a) Use of ABAP mappings – as PO 7.5 is a single stack you need to migrate those mappings to any of the mapping types available in SAP PO java stack. 

b) Use of ccBPM – as ccBPM does not exist on the single stack SAPO 7.5 you either need to get rid of ccBPM by redesigning the flow or migrate it to java BPM. 

c) Technical project – you need to understand that with this type of project you will not get a lot of time from the business, functional consultants as it’s just a middleware switch so it will not be any of their priorities to say the least.


How to make it a bit smoother? 

In order to solve those challenges, you can try to mitigate them by using some of those ideas: 

a) Use Integration Directory wizard – this way the whole Integration Directory content can be moved to the single stack with very little issues. Please have a look at our blog on lessons learned from this process: SAP PI 7.XX dual stack to SAP PO 7.5 migration – lessons learned.

In case you still have some problems, take a look at our blog on how to maintain ID objects with the use of an API: SAP PI/PO API for Integration Directory object maintenance.

b) For ABAP mappings, after you migrate them, you may want to test them automatically and for that purpose you can use a native SAP certified tool – Int4 IFTT. You can check the openSAP course – Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT on that topic:


Int4 IFTT openSAP

Alternatively, you can use this link for direct access to the PO migration lessons from Use Case 1 from our OpenSAP Learning Paths:

Int4 IFTT learning paths


c) For ccBPM – consider replacing those without using a BPM.


Interested in checking how Int4 IFTT can help you with SAP PO migration project?

In case you’d be interested to see how Int4 IFTT can help with you automating testing of your SAP PO migration you can also write to us or book a demo session using the link below: 


Int4 IFTT demo


For FAQ on Int4 IFTT – please have a look at our blog on SCN FAQ to openSAP course: Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT.




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