How to use CASE in new Open SQL

In this short blog, I would like to show you how to use a CASE expression in the new Open SQL. I have learned about it from my colleague, Michal Jakubowicz, who recently conducted a full 4-days workshop about ABAP Programming for SAP Hana. The CASE expression in new Open SQL is available on ABAPRead More

How to use predictive search help in SAP?

Nowadays, more and more people focus on the user experience in the IT world. When we visit websites or work with applications, we expect that the usability of the tool will allow us to work or find necessary information in the shortest and the most efficient way. In the SAP you can also increase theRead More

We love events!

Some weeks ago our company took participate in the Poznan Business Run. This is almost a tradition for our company, because we are part of this charity event every year! The event was quite huge – over 3500 runners (700 teams) competed in this race! We are proud of our two teams, because both teams completedRead More

How to save content of the outbound synchronous proxy interface in SAP AIF?

Have you ever struggled with payload of the outbound proxy response in SAP AIF? We’ve got a solution!

Set up interface in SAP AIF Interface Monitor ( /aif/ifmon )

Did you know that you can monitor all your AIF interfaces from one single place? Learn how to do it in 3 simple steps!

Enable monitoring of IDoc interfaces in SAP AIF in less than 3 minutes

Watch short video and learn how you can enable monitoring IDoc interfaces in less than 3 minutes!

SAP AIF multi index table with single index tables

SAP AIF multi index tables combined with single-index tables

How to create a single index table in SAP AIF?

Speed up your monitoring process by using single index table in SAP AIF!

How to create Custom Functions in SAP AIF?

Have you ever wondered how you can speed up process of your interfaces monitoring?

How do you want to spend this summer?

Welcome Spring in this year by joining our budding automated testing webinars for SAP application interfaces!