Smart Data Integration (SDI) – source data preparation

SDI provides two data replication approaches. We can use them with the SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench: Replication task (To replicate data from objects in a remote source into SAP HANA tables, you must configure the replication process by creating an .hdbreptask file, which opens a file specific to the Replication Editor.) Flowgraph is aRead More

SAP EIM – Smart Data Integration (SDI) roles and privileges

Granting correct HANA user privileges is one of main tasks in a data integration process creation. It is possible to achieve this with SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench or with Eclipse:

Smart Data Integration (SDI) initial setup 

Standard architecture of Smart Data Integration product consists of three main parts: a) Hana Index Server b) Data Provisioning Server c) Data Provisioning Agent