int4 booth at SAP Teched Barcelona 2018!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve been approved to become an official exibitor at SAP Teched Barcelona in 2018 (23rd-25th October).

We will be presenting our SAP certified automated regression testing and service interface virtualization software – IFTT.

With the use of int4 IFTT you can fully automate testing of all your SAP PO/AIF/CPI/IDOC flows in both the middleware and at the SAP backend system. All will happen without source system access as we provide an unique service interface virtualization concept without the need for additional hardware or software.

With this great news we also have a suprise for you. Two of our experts and SAP Press book authors SAP Mentor – Michal Krawczyk and Mateusz Nowak will be available for you at our booth everyday from 13:00-14:00 to answer all of your SAP PI and SAP AIF related queries. Please come to our booth to have a chat about SAP integration anytime during the day and have an amazing teched experience.

Invitation for SAP Teched 2018


How do you want to spend this summer?

Welcome Spring in this year by joining our budding automated testing webinars for SAP application interfaces!


Every webinar we have is a unique webinar that will provide you insight into how int4 IFTT can help to enable you to test your SAP application interfaces faster and smarter. In all 4 webinars we will dive straight into the action and will cover a business and an int4 IFTT based answer to that business case.


Follow this link to join our Spring Webinars.
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Our session at SAP SIT in Walldorf

After attending SAP Insider Tracks in Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen and Paris, it’s a time for our session at SIT Walldorf. The meeting will take place on Saturday 13th of January. This time we would like focus more on SAP AIF testing and show how business users could benefit from int4 IFTT. This is a short description of our session:
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Let’s meet in Paris!

int4 is one of the sponsors of SAP Insider Track event that will take place on Friday 1st of December. Among other interesting topics, Frank van der Plas from int4 will conduct a session about our solution for SAP integration testing. Read More

SAP Cloud Platform Integration supported!

Int4 IFTT is an automated software for testing application interfaces and integration landscape in SAP environment. To ensure maximum compatibility and versatility int4 IFTT has been designed in an open architecture allowing int4 IFTT to work both with SAP and non-SAP middleware’s. Int4 IFTT supports not only SAP PI /PO but it also handles SAP Cloud Platform Integration (former HCI).
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SAP Inside Track Paris 2017

The SAP Inside Track event will take place in Paris, December 1st 2017 and int4 team can’t miss it! We hope to meet up with you in this wonderful venue. Don’t forget to join our session on challenges of SAP application interface testing! For more information visit SIT 2017 Paris

Int4 IFTT new features

Int4 IFTT Support Package 103_0004 is now available bringing you new features:


  • Passing the variable value from previous case– passing variable from previous test case works in scenarios where it is expected that the interface document will consume number generated by previous test case i.e. inbound delivery to PO created by eCATT recording.

  • Reading values from DB results– test case variables can now be filled by values from database (new feature to improve reporting capabilities)

  • Automated installation steps –  a new report available under t-code /INT4/IFTT_CUST automates installation steps by creating: RFC destination, logical ports for proxies, int4 IFTT number range

  • Adapters for testing inbound and outbound SAP Cloud Platform Interfaces

int4 IFTT webinar

In October we have conducted a series of webinars on automation of E2E SAP integration regression testing:
04 OCT 2017 17:00 -17:45 CEST
06 OCT 2017 11:00 -11:45 CEST
09 OCT 2017 18:00 -18:45 CEST
Thank you for your attendance. We are glad that so many of you took interest in the subject.
For those who somehow missed it – look for information about upcoming webinars on our website!

SAP Inside Track Munich 2017

Another step on our European tour – SAP Inside Track Munich. If you have missed our presentation you can watch it here: Challenges in SAP integration testing based on int4 IFTT
For more details see SIT 2017 Munich. We hope to see you on upcoming SIT in Paris, December 1st 2017!

Int4 IFTT new features

Int4 IFTT Support Package 103_0003 is now available bringing you new features:


  • PI Message Selector– this new functionality allows for quick message finding on SAP PI/PO without the need of logging into the middleware. It is enough to provide the business key like Purchase Order number and int4 IFTT will automatically produce a shortlist of messages within the selected time range, together with their content.

  • DB Comparator – allows to serve the process during which a Sales Order is created on CRM and sent to ECC without dispatching any message to the middleware platform.

  • New variables concept – an unlimited number of variables can be declared per interface testing configuration. This allows to pass multiple business document values between test cases, allowing to test complex business processes such as Purchase Order to Delivery process. It also allows to reuse once created eCATT recording for triggering output of multiple documents
    e.g. Invoices.

  • Easier XPath expression creation thanks to our new XPath testing report. Now you can validate your XPath expression against selected test case’s message content, or an imported xml.