Int4 IFTT – Reduced data footprint of test cases

In Int4 IFTT installations with large number of test cases or test cases with big payloads speed of data growth can become a challenge.
To reduce the data footprint of test cases database we are introducing payload compression.
This feature, available from Int4 IFTT SP12, transparently compresses new test cases payload at saving time and decompresses it on demand when payload is displayed or used during test case execution.

New /INT4/IFTT_COMPRESS_TC report is also provided which allows compression of existing test cases.
/INT4/IFTT_COMPRESS_TC report can be used to compress selected test cases or entire database.

Test run option provides information about total size of payloads currently stored in the database and estimated size after compression.

Test cases are compressed using GZIP algorithm implemented in standard CL_ABAP_GZIP class. Compression ratio depends on payload content  but for typical xml and text the difference is significant. We observed an average 10 times reduction of data footprint in our test databases.

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