“Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT” – openSAP Course Reactivation Option

Dear openSAP learners!


Have you missed the final exam or weekly assignments? Not everything is lost yet! 

You can still gain the knowledge that we share during our course ?Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT? and get your Certificate.


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Show us your Record of Achievement!

We?re happy to announce that our openSAP course: Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT has ended. Thank you for taking part in our training! We?re thrilled to see that over 4700 learners enrolled! The confirmation of participation and record of achievement files, along with the digital badge, are now ready for downloading. You can download them all at the bottom of the Progress tab.

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PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) in SAP PI/PO using Secure Connectivity Add-on



When developing SAP PI/PO interfaces, one might come across a requirement to provide a more secure way of sending messages back and forth. Especially, when setting up communication with banks, you want to ensure files send to bank reach their destination with original content. We want to be sure nobody modified details of our payment. This requirement can be met with use of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software, provided with SAP PGP module and adapter modules it provides. The idea behind PGP is to encrypt the message in such a way that only the intended recipient can decrypt it?s content. This is achieved using shared keys.

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Int4 – an official Exhibitor at SAP TechEd Barcelona 2019!

Let’s meet in Barcelona!


We are pleased to inform you that Int4 is an official Exhibitor at SAP TechEd Barcelona 2019!

We hope that you will join us at Booth #1 and have a chat with SAP Integration experts and SAP Press books authors. 

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Why should you join our first openSAP course: “Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT”?

Enroll in our openSAP course ?Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT? and learn more about our solution for testing SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO), SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI) and other SAP? Application Interfaces.


What will you learn? 


This free on-line training gives you an opportunity to get to know an automated testing software that enables end-to-end application interface testing across the full SAP landscape. At the beginning, our experts shed some light on the basic underlying concepts of testing the integration scenarios using different methodologies, such as agile and DevOps. Then, they will present you a set of typical integration scenarios that can be fully and simply automated with the use of Int4 IFTT. We?ve saved the best for last – during the third week we?ll give you an extensive demonstration of how to use the tool and its main functions. Are you interested? Catch a glimpse of the agenda below.




Week 1

1.1 Introduction to Testing of Integration Scenarios with Int4

1.2 Testing in waterfall methodologies 

1.3 Testing in agile methodologies

1.4 Testing in Devops

1.5 Introduction to Int4 IFTT


Week 2

2.1 BAU PI/PO and SCPI testing

2.2 SAP PO migration

2.3 CPI migration

2.4 S4 conversion

2.5 SAP Rollout testing


Week 3

3.1. Initial Customizing

3.2 Configuration (automation objects)

3.3 SAP PO testing


3.5 Backend

3.6 API, defect management, administration


Target audience


The course is aimed at:

  • Integration architects
  • Integration consultants
  • Members of the test teams
  • Integration developers
  • Business users, project leaders, consultants, and managers interested in the testing of integration scenarios


Enroll now and join us on this exciting  test automation journey!

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This is not the next article about new ALPHA conversion ? ABAP Tricks #1

New ALPHA conversion

Well, actually it is but in slightly different approach. We all know what ALPHA conversion is and how it looked like before ABAP 7.4 ? unfamous CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT and CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_OUTPUT. There may be some newbies among us so let?s remind what it does ? if you want to perform SQL query in ABAP very often you need to convert your data to internal format (or in the opposite direction when you take care for user experience and want to get rid of leading zeros). In the ancient times you would do something like this:

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Smart Data Integration (SDI) – scheduling and monitoring


It is very common when system-to-system data replication should occur according to a particular schedule. Scheduled jobs define recurring tasks that run in the background. We will provide a scenario where we automatically run the Flowgraph which was created in the previous blog.

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Int4 IFTT Integration with ALM

Int4 IFTT – Simple Integration with ALM

Are you using Micro Focus ALM (formerly HP ALM/Quality Center) to manage application delivery, lifecycle and testing in your company?

We have great news for you – Int4 IFTT can be easily integrated with ALM without installing additional components or libraries. Test execution is automated using VAPI-XP test script and doesn?t require Unified Functional Testing (UFT) to be integrated with ALM.

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SAP PI/PO API for Integration Directory Objects Maintenance

SAP PI/PO is equipped with a set of standard APIs which among many other things allow the maintenance of Integration Directory objects. This API can save you a big amount of time in certain circumstances and it is really good to know it?s usage.

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SAP CPI: Control your messages with custom header

Recently I encountered a basic router scenario. However the information I could use as a condition was not included in the message itself. I had to pass it to CPI, but didn?t want to enrich the message and mess it up. I figured out that custom header would be the great solution, however as it occurred, it wasn?t so easy (now it is of course).

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