8th SAP Press book author in the Int4 team! 

8 SAP Press authors on board

We’re proud to announce that the group of SAP Press book authors in the Int4 team is growing!

In just one week from today, the first SAP Press book by Michał Rohnka – SAP ABAP and integration consultant, will be published. He will be the 8th (what’s interesting, 4 of them are Michałs) SAP Press author in our team and we can ensure you that it’s not the end! 

Congratulations, Michał – great job!

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ABAP CDS recursive association using hierarchy


In this article, I will show a practical example of self-association in CDS. You will learn how to define a simple hierarchy in your CDS and how to consume it in your ABAP code.

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Are you ready for 2020 SAP PO migration? 

SAP PO 7.5 – migration project  

Due to the end of support for Process Orchestration (SAP PO) versions < 7.5 at the end of 2020 most of the customers will have to migrate to SAP PO 7.5. The migration project is purely technical and depending on the complexity of the original landscape it may or may not require a lot of effort. 

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Int4 IFTT learning paths

Int4’s course hosted by openSAP 


SAP testing world is really exciting but also complicated. Our team, represented by SAP middleware experts (SAP Press authors, SAP Mentors), decided to share its knowledge and shed some light on the test automation. As a result, we’ve created a course “Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT” hosted by openSAP.

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Int4 IFTT – knowledge base

What is Int4 IFTT?


Int4 IFTT is a tool for automated testing in the area of SAP integration. Int4 IFTT will increase the testing speed in your projects, reduce the costs of solving defects and adopt the business needs fast and secure. What’s more, no 3rd party systems are required because of the virtualization feature. 

Sounds interesting? We encourage you to read the materials that we present below.

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SAP API testing with Int4 IFTT runs integrated with Tricentis Tosca

In his latest book “Enterprise Continuous Testing: Transforming Testing for Agile and DevOps” Wolfgang Platz mentions that API testing is the future of automated testing as it is the only part of enterprise system testing where in reality you can automate >85% of test cases.


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Smart Data Integration (SDI) – transporting SAP HANA objects

Implementation procedure


The standard implementation procedure usually consists of such steps as development, quality assurance and production go-live.
After all the activities performed in the previous blogs, we need to find out how to move all our HANA development objects in further systems according to your transportation schema.

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Transport your BRFplus objects with confidence 

Easy way to check all BRFplus objects


If you are using BRFplus, you for sure encounter issues when releasing or importing transport requests containing BRFplus objects. If you forget to activate the object, miss something in transport or have errors hidden somewhere in the BRFplus your transport will fail. 

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“Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT” – openSAP Course Reactivation Option

Dear openSAP learners!


Have you missed the final exam or weekly assignments? Not everything is lost yet! 

You can still gain the knowledge that we share during our course? Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT? and get your Certificate.


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Show us your Record of Achievement!

We’re happy to announce that our openSAP course: Virtualize and Automate Your SAP Testing Using Int4 IFTT has ended. Thank you for taking part in our training! We’re thrilled to see that over 4700 learners enrolled! The confirmation of participation and record of achievement files, along with the digital badge, are now ready for downloading. You can download them all at the bottom of the Progress tab.

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