Set up interface in SAP AIF Interface Monitor ( /aif/ifmon )

Why should I set up interface in SAP AIF interface Monitor?

I can bet, that if you use SAP AIF you are familiar with AIF Monitoring and Error Handling (transaction /AIF/ERR ). Here, we can monitor and perform actions for specific interface. In addition to this transaction SAP AIF also gives us opportunity to monitor all interfaces in one place. In this blog we are going to set up interface in SAP AIF Interface Monitor (AIF/IFMON transaction). Let’s imagine the situation, that you are responsible for monitoring several interfaces. Monitoring interfaces in /AIF/ERR transaction is very helpful, although it still can be time consuming if you just want to have a quick overview what is going on in all interfaces you are responsible for.
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Enable monitoring of IDoc interfaces in SAP AIF in less than 3 minutes

Nowadays, every single day we have to cope with many different interfaces and technologies. The number of the interfaces that we have to carry on is constantly growing.
When you use SAP AIF (SAP Application Interface Framework) you can monitor all interfaces from one place and that saves a lot of time!
That’s the reason why some of our customers use very ofter SAP AIF only for the monitoring purposes. Today I would like to show you how quickly you can enable monitoring IDoc interfaces in SAP AIF in less than 3 minutes!

Please let us know if you like such short videos!

Enable monitoring IDoc interfaces in SAP AIF in less than 3 minutes

SAP AIF multi index table with single index tables

Hi there! In this blog I will show you can you can use SAP AIF multi index table and single index tables in your interfaces.

This blog is the extension of the previous blog: How To Create a Single Index Table in SAP AIF and therefore some steps will be explained in a more general way. You can always visit the previous blog in case you occur any issues with details, but I believe that you won’t have any problems, as you mastered this knowledge last time reading the previous blog! 🙂
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How to create a single index table in SAP AIF?

Have you ever heard about single index table in SAP AIF? Have you ever encountered the issue while you were looking for a specific message in Monitoring and Error Handling? Let’s imagine the situation, that you receive tons of inbound messages every single day and you want to find a message with a specific purchase order number in your AIF Interface, but you don’t know what is the AIF message ID that contains this specific Purchase Order number.

Here, single index table in SAP AIF with custom selection screen for the interface come to help us!
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How to create Custom Functions in SAP AIF?

Custom functions in SAP AIF (SAP Application Interface Framework) can enhance and speed up your process of monitoring messages and business documents related to the messages.

In this post, I will show you how to quickly create a custom function for inbound sales order interface, that redirects you to Display Sales Order transaction and allows preview of the created Sales Document.

It is possible to create a custom function in two ways: in /AIF/CUST_FUNC transaction and directly in the Monitor and Error Handling.
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How do you want to spend this summer?

Welcome Spring in this year by joining our budding automated testing webinars for SAP application interfaces!


Every webinar we have is a unique webinar that will provide you insight into how int4 IFTT can help to enable you to test your SAP application interfaces faster and smarter. In all 4 webinars we will dive straight into the action and will cover a business and an int4 IFTT based answer to that business case.


Follow this link to join our Spring Webinars.
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Our session at SAP SIT in Walldorf

After attending SAP Insider Tracks in Berlin, Munich, Copenhagen and Paris, it’s a time for our session at SIT Walldorf. The meeting will take place on Saturday 13th of January. This time we would like focus more on SAP AIF testing and show how business users could benefit from int4 IFTT. This is a short description of our session:
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Let’s meet in Paris!

int4 is one of the sponsors of SAP Insider Track event that will take place on Friday 1st of December. Among other interesting topics, Frank van der Plas from int4 will conduct a session about our solution for SAP integration testing. Read more

SAP Cloud Platform Integration supported!

Int4 IFTT is an automated software for testing application interfaces and integration landscape in SAP environment. To ensure maximum compatibility and versatility int4 IFTT has been designed in an open architecture allowing int4 IFTT to work both with SAP and non-SAP middleware’s. Int4 IFTT supports not only SAP PI /PO but it also handles SAP Cloud Platform Integration (former HCI).
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From the business document to interface test case

Automated testing of SAP integration is significantly different than system testing based on user interface playback. For such testing we created Int4 IFTT. In this and following blogs we would like to bring you closer to the concepts how it works and helps in the SAP projects.

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