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Int4 IFTT is a suit for test automation of SAP application integration. It is a unique approach for End to End application interface testing that covers full SAP landscape. It supports major SAP integration platforms like SAP Process Orchestration (SAP PO), SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SAP CPI) and backend interface implementations in SAP S4/HANA or SAP ECC system (AIF, IDOC, Proxy, ABAP etc.). Int4 IFTT is a market leader in SAP centric automated integration testing used both by Projects and Support/Maintenance teams. It strengthens DevOps by ensuring quality of every change introduced to interfaces. It significantly reduces the risk of introducing changes in area of SAP Integration and offers tremendous time and effort (money) savings throughout different testing phases. Int4 IFTT fills the gap for automated testing in area of SAP integration and can be integrated and used in parallel with other Testing Suites.

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How does Int4 IFTT work?

Int4 IFTT automates testing of SAP integration by virtualizing the 3rd party systems. There is a unique approach of creating test cases with no effort by reusing already processed messages both from test or production systems. Moreover for each test case Int4 IFTT creates automatically the validation rules by identifying reference business documents in SAP backends. Later on the interface messages are reinjected into middleware platform and the current results are compared with stored references. Such outstanding approach guarantee that all the SAP components are tested and the results are the most business accurate.

IFTT- SAP regression testing tool schema
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Key capabilities

SAP testing - Minimal effort of creating test cases
Minimal effort of creating test cases - Test case creation based on existing middleware messages and corresponding business documents
Automation – execution of hundreds of test cases is a matter of minutes not days
Automation – execution of hundreds of test cases is a matter of minutes not days
SAP Complete testing scope
Complete testing scope – Validation both of the SAP PO, SAP CPI and SAP backend logic (SAP S4/HANA, ECC, APO, CRM)
Freedom of testing - 3rd party systems and resources are not needed to conduct SAP testing of application interfaces
SAP testing - Minimal effort of creating test cases
Business oriented– compares final results of an interface (e.g. posted accounting documents or created logistics documents) in addition to checking the content of messages
SAP Business oriented tool
Process oriented - one click to test a complex business scenario consisting of several test cases that reference each other (i.e. sales order, manual delivery creation, outbound delivery message, creation of invoice, outbound invoice message etc.). Integrated with eCATT and external testing software
Simplification – integration is no more a black hole
Simplification – integration is no more a black hole. Perform testing by testers not SAP integration experts. On the other hand, allow integration experts to test themselves without functional or process knowledge.
Automation – execution of hundreds of test cases is a matter of minutes not days
Timesaving – Int4 IFTT test automation tool saves time

Solution Highlights

One of the critical paths in the integration area of SAP rollout projects is testing that the changes and new functions in application interfaces do not impact live sites. This is not easy and project team face certain challenges:
  1. It is a common practice to reuse the existing implementation of interfaces and extend their scope by incorporating new senders and receivers, and implementing new local requirements. However this may be good from a project point of view, it complicates the testing.
  2. Ongoing parallel work for the new site implementation and the maintenance of live sites (requests changes and defects).
  3. Functional regression testing of interfaces cannot be easily performed by the development team. Resources of third party systems need to be involved in testing.
The Int4 IFTT responds to all the above challenges and allows performing automated technical and functional testing with minimal effort. In our Resources section you will find details how the Int4 IFTT can be applied in this particular scenario.
The challenges organizations face if they are migrating or upgrading to a new version of PI/PO/PRO are specifically regression testing. Another popular upgrade at the moment is the migration of EDI to the SAP B2B-add-on. As we all know this migration and upgrades require continuous regression testing what is always very time-consuming and complex process. How to save significant time and money for regression testing? Int4 IFTT helps you to save time and money by providing an environment for automating the assembly and execution of regression tests to ensure the upgraded middleware component is still working as before from functional perspective even if technical details had been changed. Sign up for a solution specific webinar and learn how to automate the interface regression tests for SAP middleware upgrades.
SAP AIF (Advance Interface Framework) is a very powerful framework for interface implementation, monitoring and error handling. It’s an add-on for business applications and it allows to separate business logic from integration logic in your integration scenarios.Together with Int4 IFTT, SAP AIF allows business users to test and monitor integration flow in a very user-friendly way. Users can preview messages received from PI/PO or any other middleware. AIF also allows you to cooperate with existing IDOCs.Thanks to Application Interface Framework you can reduce time necessary for solving an issue. You can eliminate passing the bag between different teams, as each error type can be addressed to proper team or person.Int4 IFTT allows for significant speedup and risk reduction in the AIF implementation due to parallel run capabilities. It can execute the old interface and the AIF one in parallel and compare results.
Devops – almost everyone heard this word by now. Putting it simply it is a way of doing things concentrated on collaboration between development teams, QA and IT operation professionals. Devops aims to ensure continuity and stability of the development process and it seems to really work. However this whole “continuity and stability” concept is possible only if we test changes in our code, and how they affect the whole landscape. The tricky part is that we have to do it on a regular basis, especially if we work using agile methodologies i.e. SCRUM. Meeting this condition is possible only by automating the whole testing process. If we develop code that affects a 1000 of clients interfaces how can we test them all within a single sprint? With Int4 IFTT you can regression test them in even less than 1 hour. Your development team will earn time to refactor the code, and QA will be able to retest it all over again. Want to learn how to keep your deadlines and meet the highest quality standards? Join one of our free webinars or contact us for more information!
Many organizations move towards cloud solutions in order to reduce costs and increase flexibility. This results in more complex IT landscapes combining both cloud and on-premise solutions. This creates additional challenges for projects and system maintenance, where credible tests play important role. This Hybrid solutions are relying heavily on a perfect running and functioning integration middleware layer. The dependency and pressure put by hybrid eco systems on the integration component between all the systems that are part of this hybrid ecosystems translate into a high demand for regression testing. This is where we have some exciting news! Int4 IFTT has been designed to deal with this type of hybrid integration scenarios. It’s an ultimate automated regression interface testing solution that will test your whole integration landscape. In a short time you will know if each changed and unchanged interface works in the exactly same way as before changes have been implemented. Let Int4 IFTT help you sleep safe. Learn more during one of our webinars,or ask us for more details!
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And much, much more…

We’re always adding new features and making Int4 IFTT even better. Schedule a live demo and we’ll show you the latest version.

IFTT- additional features of SAP testing

Testing Types

  • Supports testing of inbound, outbound and synchronous interfaces
  • exchanging test cases between development and test landscapes. Single Int4 IFTT instance can connect to multiple SAP PO or SAP backend systems and exchange test cases
  • variety of test types both for unit and end to end scenarios
IFTT- additional features of SAP testing

Scope of SAP PI/PO/PRO testing:

  • support for flat files (i.e. EDIFACT)
  • adapter modules in Communication Channels
  • routing determination
  • mappings
  • BPM/BRM/Lookups and all other steps of middleware processing
  • receiver communication channels
  • optionally cancel messages after testing not to affect external systems
IFTT- additional features of SAP testing

Scope of SAP ECC/ S4HANA backend testing

  • IDocs/ Proxies/ RFC/ Enterprise Services
  • Custom ABAP, BRF+
  • functional system customizing
  • creation of final documents by interface postings
IFTT- additional features of SAP testing

Results are based both on business documents comparison in the SAP backend (SAP ECC) database or Middleware messages

Automatic comparison of reference and newly created business documents (for example sales orders created in SAP S/4HANA) or outbound messages processed by SAP middleware in XML JSON, EDIFACT or other flat formats.

IFTT- additional features of SAP testing

Open architecture to support any middleware solution

Current adapters:

  • IDOC and Proxy Adapters for SAP Backend unit testing
  • SAP AIF (Application Interface Framework) adapter
  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration adapter

Adapters to other also non-SAP or custom middleware platforms might be ordered as additional services.

IFTT- additional features of SAP testing

SAP Certified Add-on for SAP Netweaver and S/4 HANA

Certified for following scenarios:

  • integration with SAP NetWeaver 7.40 via the SAP integration scenario ABAP Add-On Deployment for SAP NetWeaver
  • integration with SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition 1511 via the SAP integration scenario ABAP Add-On Deployment for SAP S/4HANA
  • integration with SAP S/4HANA 1610 via the SAP integration scenario ABAP Add-On Deployment for SAP S/4HANA

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