Automated SAP Application Interface Testing with int4 IFTT


int4 IFTT is an Automated Testing Software dedicated for SAP application interfaces. It is a unique approach for End to End application interface testing that covers full SAP landscape. It supports multiple SAP integration technologies like SAP PI/PO, SAP Cloud Platform Integration (HCI), AIF, IDOC, Proxy etc.

Key features:


  • User-friendly– Easy test case creation based on existing documents posted by interfaces. Non-technical users can create and execute test cases.
  • Automated– Execution of hundreds of test cases is a matter of minutes not days
  • End-to-end(in SAP environment)  – Validation both of the SAP PI/PO (or SAP CPI) and SAP backend logic (SAP ECC, APO, CRM…)
  • Complex yet simple – one click to test a complex business scenario consisting of several test cases that reference each other (i.e. sales order, manual delivery creation, outbound delivery message, creation of invoice, outbound invoice message etc.)
  • Results oriented– compares final results of an interface (e.g. posted accounting documents or created logistics documents) instead of only checking the contents of the messages


Int4 IFTT is a market leader in SAP centric automated integration testing used both by Projects and Support/Maintenance teams. It strengthens DevOps by ensuring quality of every change introduced to interfaces.

It significantly reduces the risk of introducing changes in area of SAP Integration and offers tremendous time and effort (money) savings throughout different testing phases.
Int4 IFTT fills the gap for automated testing in SAP integration and can be integrated and used in parallel with other Testing Suites.


Use cases

The int4 IFTT is highly efficient in most of the application interface projects and during further support and maintenance. It significantly reduces the time required for development and testing and minimizes the risk of production faults. The common appliances:


· SAP Rollouts – each new site requires integration with local systems. Usually the common interfaces are adopted and the regression testing is crucial to confirm all existing production sites are not affected by the new once. Such testing will not involve 3rd party system experts. It can be performed independently despite different time zones or unavailability of 3rd party system resources.


· Migration, upgrades or business improvement projects – all kind of projects where the technology layer is changed but the functional requirements remain intact. The examples: Migration of EDI to SAP B2B add-on, upgrade of SAP PI from dual stack to single stack, AIF implementation in the backend, S/4 HANA migration. With int4 IFTT such projects can be performed smoothly with reduced business involvement. The functional requirements will be automatically confirmed by running on the new system test cases, which were created in the old environment.


· Daily integration support and maintenance – before each production deployment window the support teams can easily ensure that all integration scenarios work as designed. All test cases are versioned. There is an easy to follow content update process, performed after every change in functional requirements (RFC). Int4 IFTT improves transfer knowledge between teams and projects.


· Dev/Ops, SCRUM – automatic testing is crucial in continues development. Int4 IFTT delivers confidence that the new iteration doesn’t affect the progress achieved so far.



And much, much more…

We’re always adding new features and making int4 IFTT even better.
Schedule a live demo and we’ll show you the latest.

→  Test case creation based on existing middleware messages within single click

→  Supports testing of inbound, outbound and synchronous interfaces.

→  Simulation of 3rd party systems during test case execution.

→  Coverage of the full SAP PI/PO testing:

o   support for flat files (i.e. EDIFACT)

o   adapter modules in Communication Channels

o   routing determination

o   mappings

o   BPM/BRM/Lookups and all other steps of middleware processing

→  Coverage of the full interface processing in SAP ABAP based backend system:

o   IDocs/ Proxies/ RFC/ Enterprise Services

o   Custom ABAP, BRF+

o   functional system customizing

→  Within a single click it tests whole business processes with multiple interfaces and manual actions. The user actions are replayed thanks to SAP eCATT integration.

→  Results are based both on business documents comparison in the SAP backend (SAP ECC) database or Middleware messages.

→  Open architecture to support any middleware solution. Current adapters:


o   IDOC/Proxy Adapter for interfaces without Middleware

o   SAP AIF (Application Interface Framework) adapter

o   SAP Cloud Platform Integration adapter

→  SAP Certified Add-on for SAP Netweaver and S/4 HANA



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